Looking for a way to stand out as an elite provider? Upgrading your advertisement to become an Eros VIP is one of the easiest ways to target the most discerning and affluent Eros viewers, who are only interested in the best of the best in adult entertainers!

Eros VIP advertisements now allow you to upload twice as many photos (16 full size photos), and appear on the What’s New page twice as often as a standard Eros ad! This is invaluable exposure in helping you stand out to Eros viewers. For more information, contact one of our Customer Service Specialist today!

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Because of overwhelming feedback from our advertisers, our Available Now feature will now stay active for eight hours, instead of four! That’s less work, and more benefit for you! Log in to your account, and get turned on with Eros’ Available Now!

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Having Problems Making Payments to Eros?
That sucks, and We’re Sorry!

We understand that our recent internationalization has made it difficult for advertisers to pay with some types of gift and credit cards. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and we’re actively finding ways to make dealing with us easier! We sincerely appreciate your patience and your loyalty to Eros, and we’ll get better. We promise.

Some of our advertisers who have experienced payment problems have informed us that they’ve been able to successfully make payment using a MyVanillaVisa reloadable gift card. Additionally, many are now paying with Bitcoin through services like paxful.com, where you can pay for Eros services using gift cards or credit cards, your bank account, and in some cases even using gift card credits from many major retailers!

For information on more ways to make your Eros payments click HERE, or to find out more about paying with bitcoin, check out our primer HERE.