auth-big-purple1Anybody who is familiar with our industry, whether they are an advertiser or a hobbyist, is well aware of the problem with fake ads and fake profiles on adult sites. We work hard to ensure that the quality on Eros is much better than that of any of our competitors, though we also acknowledge it is impossible for us to prevent misuse of our website 100% of the time.  In an effort to curb this growing industry trend, and after an overwhelming amount of feedback from both advertisers and viewers alike, Eros is very proud to announce the launch of ‘Eros Authenticated,’ our very own photo validation program.

Many of you remember, and have even asked us to bring back, our old Eros Verified Category. While ‘Eros Authenticated’ is a completely different program, its ultimate goal is the same:  to allow advertisers the ability to show a higher level of authenticity by submitting additional documentation. This authentication can be an important differentiator for your ad, as viewers to our site will know that ads with an ‘Authenticated’ seal have voluntarily provided additional documentation with regards to the accuracy of the photos. This is going to minimize some of the red flags that viewers look for when reviewing the content of an ad, in order to try to prevent a bad experience.

In addition to an ‘Authenticated’ stamp on your ad and thumbnail, all ‘Authenticated’ ads will appear in the ‘Eros Authenticated’ category, which promises to quickly become one of our most popular categories with viewers.

How to get the ‘Authenticated’ seal affixed to my advertisement?

There are 2 ways to get the ‘Authenticated’ seal on your advertisement*.

  1. Provide the Eros Guide with a valid government issued ID as well as a comparison photo for us to be able to compare the photo on the ID and comparison photo with the photos on your advertisement. A comparison photo usually consists of a photograph of the advertiser holding up a sign with the current date listed or a newspaper headline with a clearly recognizable date displayed.
  2. Come and meet with the Eros Guide at one of the many industry-related events we attend each year. Upon meeting with us, one of our employees can take a photo of you that can be used to compare with the photos submitted to us for your advertisements.

Call the Eros Guide NOW to get  ‘Authenticated’, and have your ad be appear in the newest and most exciting category on our site. As an Eros Advertiser, you have already taken a big step with regards to separating yourself from so many other entertainers, as the name ‘Eros’ is synonymous with ‘Quality’. Now, you have an additional opportunity to elevate yourself above other quality entertainers; so get ‘Eros Authenticated’ now, because quality makes a difference.

*The determination as to whether photographs contain images of the same individual or whether an advertisement has earned the ‘Authenticated’ seal is solely in the discretion of the Eros Guide and we can deny any advertiser the use of our seal for any reason whatsoever.