We all know the power of a good selfie…Introducing the Eros Selfie- #erosselfie7

With just a few clicks through Eros Ads, you can update your ad listing with another layer of authenticity. By uploading an Eros Selfie you’ll be adding a 9th photo to your gallery, earning some social media play from us and a What’s New appearance. This option is free and your Eros Selfie can be updated once every 24 hours.

To qualify for the category, Eros Selfies require that we can see your face clearly in the photo, and that you hold a sign with your ad name and today’s date on it. These photos will be reviewed and published quickly and help keep your ad content fresh every day. If you happen to get a selfie that you really like and want to keep it on your ad for a bit, Eros Selfies are good for 14 days before they automatically expire.

There is no one like you and no better way to show your audience that your photos represent the real you. So let us see you rock your #erosselfie.


Upload Instructions

Upload Selfie function appears on the Ad Management Console located to the left of every line item (as shown below).

Follow instructions to upload your selfie and submit it for review.



Step 1.


Step 2.


Step 3.