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As a newcomer to advertising on Eros, we want to make sure you know what to expect as you begin your advertising experience with us. Eros entered the adult industry in 1997 and has remained the premium advertising choice for adult entertainers ever since. Our commitment to responsible advertising, supported by strict policies and procedures, provides your business with an upscale and professional advertising site, visited by millions of users each month. Our unique approach ensures that we’re doing all we can to minimize risk, offer the best content, and make your business viable for many years to come.

Get a good start by understanding the important basics below….

Why would Eros require my ID?

Eros does not require ID’s from every advertiser, but reserves the right to require one when it’s necessary for:

  • Age verification
  • Content authentication
  • Payment verification

Is my personal information and ID safe?

Yes.  We follow industry best practices for storing all of your personal information including your ID, Password, Legal Name, and payment information.  We continually make investments in our infrastructure and back-end systems to stay current with best practices.  And we train our staff to recognize and provide the utmost care in handling your information.  We have a well-deserved reputation for maintaining a safe and secure environment to advertise.   

Why does it take longer for my ad to be published on Eros than other sites? 

All ads are reviewed and checked manually by trained customer support representatives before and after they are published.  Our goal is to review all ads promptly.  You can help expedite your ad through the review process by understanding and complying with our publishing standards. 

What are your publishing policies?

Our specific text and photo publishing policies can be found at the links below.  In summary, Eros only accepts advertising for legal services, and only accepts advertising for, and by, adults.  Submitting content that violates these fundamental rules will result in the immediate closure of your account.

Some examples of text that we will not allow include:

  • Any text that would be considered sexually suggestive or explicit, or that solicits, or would be misconstrued as soliciting or engaging in any unlawful conduct or behavior.
  • Any text that indicates, suggests, or could be misconstrued as suggesting, that the advertiser is below the age of 18 years old.
  • Slang terms / abbreviations – direct, implied or coded (Examples include ‘greek’, ‘full service’, and ‘bbbj’).

Some examples of images that we will not allow include:

  • Any image containing a person less than 18 years of age.
  • Any image containing a person who is portrayed as being less than 18 years of age.
  • Any image that would be misconstrued as soliciting or engaging in any unlawful conduct or behavior.
  • Any image that exposes or makes visible the genitals or anus, or otherwise falls under Section 2257.

By no means does this cover the full list of publishing standards, so we encourage you to visit these links for the full in-depth policy.

My friend’s account was closed, and is now banned from your site. Can this happen to me?

If you fail to adhere to our guidelines and standards we do reserve the right to close your account.  Remember, our policies and commitment to responsible advertising is paramount and what makes us unique.  We hope that you’ll take the time to learn and understand what we will and will not publish.

How do I update my ad and get support with ErosAds? 

As an advertiser on Eros, you have access to update your ad or account at any time:

  • by self-servicing your ads on
  • by contacting customer service via email at
  • by contacting customer service through our Contact/Feedback Form
  • by contacting a customer service representative at 1-800-776-7786

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