The Seduction Starts Here…

I am a New York City based photographer that specializes in providing discreet artistic photography and video services to adult entertainers, escorts, and companions.

If you’re going to spend hundreds for an online ad, why have on containing only selfies and amateur snapshots? Really catch your potential clients’ eye with a gallery of images and video that are both sexy and fashionable. Boost your profile, and your rates, by showing that you are in a higher class of providers.

Higher quality images equal not just more clientele, but more HIGH-END clientele, which means higher rates for your time.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Photos are your potential clients first introduction to you, and it’s not just how they will picture you until they are able to meet you in person, but images are nearly always the deciding factor on whether or not to book you in the first place.

Keep your Galleries Up to Date with NEW Work

Even if you have photos from previous sessions with photographers, not having new, fresh work is a good way to make a potential client move on to the next ad or website. Clients care less about what you looked like 5 years ago, or 2 years ago, or even last year, and care more about what you look like today, when they are considering whether or not to book you.

Keeping your sites updated with current images shows that you care about your service, and potential clients absolutely know that a provider who cares about her business and her brand is a provider who is more likely to prove worth the time.

In a highly competitive market you can either become lost in the ever growing crowd, or you can stand out and attract attention and business.

All images in this ad and on my sites were taken by me.

I come highly referred by the many providers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, simply check out my twitter or email me for references.

Allan Fredrick
NYC Escort Photography